We are an online farmers market that makes healthy, Jordanian products easily accessible to the people of Jordan, through online shopping.  Place your order and we will deliver to your home within the same day.

In the current global situation, it’s vitally important we take measures to stay healthy, both on a personal and planetary level.  By using local, wholesome, and healthy products we can do good for our bodies, and the earth.

Through the years we noticed that Jordanians are increasingly seeking out health foods, and local companies are working to fulfill this demand.  We started out selling free range eggs and high quality olive oil, and now we want to make more of these wholesome products available locally.  

We created this online farmers market to bring all these nourishing products in one place.  We support home businesses, farmers and companies to sell their product, allowing them to thrive, and the people of Jordan to eat well and stay healthy.    

Interested in selling your local products? Get in touch:

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