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Potato & Cheese Brioche 120g
Frozen Sausage & Kashkaval Manousheh
Frozen Cheese & Zaatar Manousheh
Frozen Basturma & Kashkaval Manousheh
Frozen Spinach & Feta Cheese Manousheh
Date Ka'ak 1 kilo
Date Maamoul 1 kilo
Walnut Maamoul 1 kilo
Pistachio Maamoul 1 kiloPistachio Maamoul 1 kilo
Fabric BagFabric Bag
Olive Oil Soap Bar 130g
The Lovely Host HamperThe Lovely Host Hamper
Za'atar and Zeit Gift PackZa'atar and Zeit Gift Pack
Olive Oil and Soap Gift PackOlive Oil and Soap Gift Pack
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift PackExtra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Pack
Date Molasses & Tahini Gift PackDate Molasses & Tahini Gift Pack
Grape Molasses 380gGrape Molasses 380g
Date Molasses 390gDate Molasses 390g
Pomegranate Peach Molasses 380gPomegranate Peach Molasses 380g
Pomegranate Molasses 380gPomegranate Molasses 380g
Citrus Honey 260gCitrus Honey 260g
Eucalyptus Honey 260gEucalyptus Honey 260g
Mountain Honey 260gMountain Honey 260g
Orange Marmalade 260g
Spicy Strawberry Jam 260g
Strawberry JamStrawberry Jam
Harissa 250g
Green Shatta with Za'atar Leaves 250g
Red Shatta with Walnuts 250gRed Shatta with Walnuts 250g
Red Shatta 250gRed Shatta 250g
Green Shatta 250g
Tahiniyeh 290gTahiniyeh 290g
Green Olives 610gGreen Olives 610g
Spicy Makdous 520gSpicy Makdous 520g

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