Durum Local Whole Wheat Flour


Weight: 2 kilo
JD 3.750


Made from whole grain durum wheat & coldly milled on stone. This wheat is rain-fed & cultivated in Madaba, Irbid , Al-Balqa & Al-Karak by small-scale wheat farmers. This wheat contains a high protein content of 13%,  in addition to rich vitamins such as B1,B3 & B6, proteins and minerals such as iron, zinc, Calcium. 


This flour contains a high organic matter & it is preferable to keep it away from high temperatures and humidity. It can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for long periods of time. The bag may contain a bay leaf, we use natural means to preserve flour instead of additives and preservatives.


Whole wheat flour needs more hydration compared to white flour and is best used for flat baked goods.

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