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Fawaregh (pre-order)Fawaregh (pre-order)
Fawaregh (pre-order)
From JD 22.000
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Stuffed Lamb (pre-order)Stuffed Lamb (pre-order)
Stuffed Lamb (pre-order)
From JD 212.000
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Chicken Fatteh 6-8 servings (pre-order)Chicken Fatteh 6-8 servings (pre-order)
Yalanji (pre-order)Yalanji (pre-order)
Yalanji (pre-order)
From JD 22.000
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Frozen Kubbeh 50 pieces
Chicken Ouzi (pre-order)Chicken Ouzi (pre-order)
Chicken Ouzi (pre-order)
From JD 20.000
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Karshat (pre-order)Karshat (pre-order)
Karshat (pre-order)
From JD 15.000
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Cucumber-Yogurt Salad (pre-order)
Tabbouleh (pre-order)
Arabic Salad (pre-order)Arabic Salad (pre-order)
1 kg lamb
From JD 10.000
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Yalnji with Zucchini & Eggplant (pre-order)
1 kg lamb chops
JD 10.000
Kubbeh (pre-order)Kubbeh (pre-order)
Kubbeh (pre-order)
From JD 12.000
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Frozen Shishbarak 50 pieces
Msakhan Bread 1 piece

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