Msakhan made of Sumac Baladi & Olive oil (pre-order)


Size: 3 - 4 servings (1 chicken)
JD 14.000


*Order at least 1- 2  days ahead. Please specify the time & day in a note on checkout or  text on WhatsApp: 077 53 5 5555. 

Musakhan is the national dish of Palestine with its all authentic and flavorful ingredients. It is made of layers of freshly baked Taboon bread, soaked in olive oil and chicken broth and topped with sauteed onions, nuts and Sumac. At the top of the bread layers, chicken and more nuts are added to complete the dish. Enjoy it with middle-eastern salad! 

Meal size: 

- 1 chicken, 3 layers of bread; 3-4 servings. 
- 2 chickens, 5 layers of bread; 5-6 servings. 
- 3 chickens, 7 layers of bread; 7-8 servings. 
- 4 chickens, 10 layers of bread; 10-11 servings. 
- 5 chickens, 13 layers of bread; 13-14 servings. 

If you need extra bread, click HERE to add. 

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