Assorted Mamoul - Hand Decorated 1 kilo


JD 18.000


*It may take up to 48 hours to deliver this item.  

Homemade high-quality Mamoul prepared with the finest ingredients. Made with semolina and oats with the aromatic flavors of Mahlab and blossom water; the batter of this Mamoul has no added sugar. In this box, we gathered all the traditional fillings of Mamoul so you could enjoy them all at once! 

Date Maamoul 

Premium dates are used to prepare Maamoul. We carefully pick the best dates, and manually remove the pits. Date Maamoul has no added sugar. 

Pistachio Mamoul 

Naturally sweet high-quality Iranian pistachios combined with honey, blossom water and a very little amount of sugar are used as filling for pistachio Mamoul. No artificial colors. 

Walnuts Mamoul 

 Flavorful filling of walnuts combined with cinnamon, nutmeg, blossom water, honey, and a very little amount of sugar. 

Mamoul Batter Ingredients:  Semolina, oat flour, mahlab, mastic, blossom water, vegetable ghee, animal ghee. 

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