Local Whole Wheat Kernels


Weight: 2 kilo
JD 3.750


These wheat grains were cultivated rain-fed in Madaba, Irbid, Balqa and Karak by small scale wheat farmers.

Nutritional value

This durum wheat contains 13% protein, it is rich in fiber and vitamins such as vitamin B6, B3, B1, in addition to antioxidants and essential minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium.


These grains contain a high organic matter, it is best to store them away from high temperatures and humidity. They can be kept in a cool area with bay leaves for long periods of time.

Using Instructions

Grains can be used to make Galiyyeh (roasted wheat), bakilah (roasted and ground wheat), sprouted or cooked wheat. The bag may contain a few grains of local barley seeds.

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