Al Yaqoota Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Yaqoota, meaning ruby in Arabic, is the namesake of our brand. Ruby is considered one of the cardinal gems, precious above all other gems.

Our older olive trees came from Palestine, whose saplings were planted in the late 1940s, producing exquisite oil ever since.
We merge tradition with modernity to provide your kitchen with what we consider to be one of the core ingredients for a tasty and healthy diet.
Join us in an experience that uncovers many health-giving benefits that have been recorded throughout history and are still being discovered by scientific research.
Our olive oil is, of course, cold-pressed. What is more interesting is that it is unblended. In other words, the oil is poured directly into its container once it is pressed, without it being mixed with other olive oil to standardise and homogenise it for mass production and to appease the average taste.
This means that each can and each bottle is a unique gem (a ‘Yaqoota’ in Arabic). This makes each pressed batch special with its unique layers of aromas and flavours, a manifestation of the cultivar, the soil, the climate and the many factors that make each tree special.

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