Coffee Cardamom Caramels 200g


JD 6


Inspired by the genuine flavour of Arab hospitality, these caramels capture the complex fragrance of cardamom and blonde coffee.

Our story began four generations ago, when Rami Haikal's great-grandfather started crafting sweets in downtown Amman. Today, the family tradition lives on as Toffimelt, where we craft the highest quality artisanal caramels, toffee, and confections. With a heart for flavour experimentation, a gut for wild combinations, and a spirit for tasty adventures, we have so much sweetness to explore! Toffimelt’s creations are full of adventure, science, and curiosity, all while celebrating the past.

Ingredients: Cream, glucose, sugar, invert sugar, coffee, cardamom, sea-salt, antioxidants: E 304i, Ascorbyl Palmitate.

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