Dried Curry Leaves


Size: 250g
JD 3.000


An aromatic essential herb in Southeast Asian cuisine like curries, dals, and soups. Curry leaves are different from the curry powder. Curry powder is a spice mix made to flavour Indian dishes, while curry leaves come from curry tree, which is part of the citrus family, and their taste has been compared to anise and lemongrass. 

Curry leaves can be boiled for a tea. they have natural antibacterial and ant-inflammatory properties. They are also good source of iron, helping with anemia. 

To use curry leaves in cooking, you can sauté them in ghee to release their delicious flavor, or you can make a "tadka", which is an aromatic base made of curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin, and any other Indian spices you prefer, sautéed together in ghee and poured over a dish as a final step. 

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