Freekeh with Chicken (pre-order)


Size: 4-5 servings (1 chicken)
JD 18.000


*Order at least 1- 2  days ahead. Please specify the time & day in a note on checkout or text on WhatsApp: 077 53 5 5555. 

Freekeh is a grain made from green durum wheat that is roasted and then rubbed to create its flavor. It is loaded with fiber and protein and makes an excellent substitute for rice in dishes. A dish of Freekeh topped with chicken and roasted almonds is such a great Levantine family dinner! 

 Meal size:

- 1 chicken; 4-5 servings. 
- 2 chickens; 6-8 servings. 
- 3 chickens; 10-12 servings. 
- 4 chickens; 14-16 servings. 
- 5 chickens; 18-20 servings. 

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