Garlic Olive Oil Infusion 250 ml

Save JD 2.000

JD 5.000 JD 7.000


Yansoon Infused Olive Oils can be added to salads, used for sauteing, drizzled on top of meals, go great with eggs, baked vegetables, labaneh, popcorn, zaatar, pizza, pasta, chicken and meats, and are even delicious simply drizzled on bread.   

Ingredients:  extra virgin olive oil (free of fillers & pesticides), garlic.   

Best consumed within 3 months of opening     
Keep out of direct sunlight   

All ingredients sourced and grown locally

Product of Jordan

Infusing herbs in olive oil has been used by the people of bilad al sham for thousands of years.  It adds extra flavor to a dish, with the added benefit that the olive oil extracts oil soluble nutrients from the herbs, making these nutrients more easily accessible to the body.  Infused oils have also been used as anointing oils in religious ceremonies, in addition to moisturizer and support for the skin.  

Yansoon brand is named not only after the delicious herb we use in sweets and tea in Bilad al Sham, but also for the literal meaning of Yansoon in Arabic, “they forgot”.  Yansoon aims to help revive and remember the indigenous herbal food practices that our ancestors used for thousands of years.  These trusted and tried methods have centuries of wisdom in them that can help support us in these times. 

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