Schär GF Cake Flour 1 kilo


JD 7.250


Yes, with Schär you simply bake your sweet happiness yourself! With an eye on "quite simple" - and on "sweet" of course! Because no matter what it looks like, sweet luck: with Schär Mix C it's quick and uncomplicatedly baked, without sticking and without lumps.

Short golden biscuits, fluffy juicy apple pie - and best of all creamy vanilla sauce, as you know and love it from childhood: This silky soft white flour is made to bring a good portion of sweetness into your day. Guarantee of success included!

Gluten Free. Lactose Free. Wheat Free. 

Ingredients: maize starch maize flour rice flour lentil flour modified tapioca starch thickener: tara gum May contain traces of soya .


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