Mesh Reusable Bags - Set of 5


Color: Pink Set
JD 7.000


Malfouf Eco Bags are lightweight, breathable, easy to use mesh bags for shopping vegetables and other produce.

They are handmade in Jordan from mesh fabric & stock leftovers and the making process leaves as little waste as possible, because we do not want to waste precious resources.

By using these mesh bags, you can reduce the amount of plastic that you carry home with you while shopping and that piles up in the cupboard.

You can rinse, dry & store your vegetables in them and also machine wash the bags, to keep them clean.

The bags are also great for laundry bags and travelling.

The set of 5 bags consists of 2 bigger drawstring bags (measures ca 37 cm x 35 cm) and can fit approximately 3 kg of cucumbers. The color is either blue or pink.

3 smaller drawstring bags are ca 35x27 cm and can hold around 2 kg of tomatoes. The color is gray.

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