Premium Organic Coconut Flour 1 kilo


JD 11.000


This fine flour, produced from raw, organic, fat-­‐reduced, cold-­‐pressed coconuts is a pantry essential for allergy-­‐friendly special diets cooking and baking.

A naturally gluten-­‐free alternative to wheat flour, bursting with the goodness of organic coconuts. This fine flour is 100% pure (no additives) and can be used for both sweet and savoury baking. You can also sprinkle it into healthy smoothies, fresh juices and protein shakes in order to boost their fibre content. Coconut flour has a low GI score and is suitable for paleo dieters. Use it as a substitute in wheat-­‐free waffles, breads, cupcakes, biscuits and other clean-­‐eating recipes.

Ingredients: Defatted organic coconut.

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