Qedreh Khaliliyeh with Lamb (pre-order)


Size: 2-4 servings (1 kilo lamb)
Meat: Imported
JD 28.000


*Order at least 1- 2  days ahead. Please specify the time & day in a note on checkout or text on WhatsApp: 077 53 5 5555. 

Qedreh is a Palestinian dish from Hebron city. What makes this dish different from other rice dishes is the unique addition of chickpeas, and of course the special mix of spices is another secret behind the amazing taste. Serve it with yogurt and enjoy! 

Meal size:

- 1 kg lamb; 2-4 servings. 
- 2 kg lamb; 5-6 servings. 
- 3kg lamb; 10-12 servings. 

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