Raw Cocoa Beans 100g


JD 12.000


Yes, chocolate is grown on trees! It is actually a Nut.  Aztecs often called Cocoa “Heart Blood” 

As Cocoa supports a healthy cardiovascular system, opens the heart and returns us to our natural state of feeling with the heart instead of thinking. 

In its raw form, Cocoa is #1 antioxidant plant, that has x15 higher antioxidants than Blueberries for example. All the antioxidant and mineral benefits, neurotransmitter-rejuvenating properties as well as the over all healing properties of chocolate, are found in the raw form of the bean. 

Cocoa is a brain food that enhances the brain function by increasing the blood flow and circulation. Another common effect of cacao is that it has the power to keep you focused for a extended period of time due to its high content of magnesium. Cocoa also contains chromium that balances sugar levels, and phosphorus that build great bones!


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