Sun Sisters: A Field Guide to Levant Flowers


JD 20.000


This book was heart-fully gathered over the years, through my relationships with the lands and plants that raised me. In both Arabic and English, it’s an easy accessible guide to more than 200 flowers of Bilad Al-Sham. Each page provides you with a big brilliant picture, the names of the flowers in Arabic, English and their Latin/Scientific name, as well as symbols to let you know which seasons to find them blooming, the size of the plant, whether they are edible, medicinal.. etc. It’s small and compact so that you can easily carry it with you on any adventure or even a stroll through your neighborhood. The corners of each page are color coded to match the flower, so you can easily search for it on the book! It’s an honor to be sharing this with you and I hope it opens up a way for you to build relationships with the plants, the land, and community. 

- Talitha Fanous

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