Warak & Koosa with Lamb Chops (pre-order)


Size: 4-5 servings (4 chops)
JD 30.000


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    Mahashi is a heavenly delicious dish made of vegetables, usually zucchini and grape leaves, filled with spiced rice and ground beef. Cooking lamb right under the stuffed vegetables in the same pot takes the dish to another level and makes it even tastier! 

    Meal Size: 

    - 1 kilo grape leaves, 8 zucchinis, 4 pieces of lamb meat; 4-5 servings. 
    - 1.5 kilo stuffed grape leaves, 20 - 25 zucchinis, 1 kg of lamb meat; 8-10 servings. 
    - 3 kilo stuffed grape leaves, 35 - 40 zucchinis, 2 kg of lamb meat; 14-18 servings. 

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