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Local Whole Wheat Beladna Bread 5 piecesLocal Whole Wheat Beladna Bread 5 pieces
Keto Pita BreadKeto Pita Bread
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Seeded Thyme LoafSeeded Thyme Loaf
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Brioche Bun
Lebanese Ka'ek
Sesame Ka'ek
Seeded Ka'ek
Plain Croissant 1 piece
Palmier 1 piece
Plain Baguette 300g
Seeded Baguette 300gSeeded Baguette 300g
Pain Au Chocolat 1 piece
Cinnamon Rolls 1 piece
Ciabatta 600g
Ciabatta with Olives 400g
Milk & Butter Bread 1.2 kilo
Seeded Milk & Butter Bread 800g
Brown Bread 800g
Thyme Karakeesh 200g
Spicy Thyme Karakeesh 200g
Spicy Cumin Karakeesh 200g
Cumin Karakeesh 200g
Salt & Vinegar Karakeesh 200g
Paprika Karakeesh 200g
Spicy Paprika Karakeesh 200g
Honey Karakeesh 200g
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Medium Cinnamon Rolls 10 pieces (pre-order)Medium Cinnamon Rolls 10 pieces (pre-order)

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