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Boiled Sheep Cheese 900g
Labaneh 750gLabaneh 750g
Jameed (dried yoghurt) 1 kiloJameed (dried yoghurt) 1 kilo
Clarified Butter with Herbs 500gClarified Butter with Herbs 500g
Clarified Butter 400g
Boiled White Cheese
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Boiled Cow Cheese 500g
Pasteurized Cheese 500g
Akkawi Cheese 500g
Halloumi Cheese 500g
Majdouli Cheese 500gMajdouli Cheese 500g
Diced White Cheese 500gDiced White Cheese 500g
Boiled Sheep Cheese Tin 4 kilo
Feta Cheese 500g
Kashkaval Cow Cheese 500g
Red Cheddar Cheese 500gRed Cheddar Cheese 500g
Shami Kishk 500gShami Kishk 500g
Merat Shami Kishk 500g
From JD 4.800
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Labaneh Jerashy 500g
Soft Labaneh 500g
Liquid Cooking Yogurt (Shanina) 1 liter
Sheep Butter 500g
Baladi Cream 1 kilo
Jameed Karaki (dried yogurt) 500g
Cheese with Zaatar Seasoning 500g
Majdouli Cheese with Olive Salad 500g
Akkawi Cheese with Makdous & Shatta 500g
Cheese with Moringa 500g
Cheese with Thyme Leaves 500g
Cheese with Cherry Peppers 500g
Cheese with Chilli Pepper 500g

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