Mansaf with Jameed Karaki (pre-order)


Size: 4-5 servings (1 kilo lamb)
Meat Source: Imported
JD 28.000


*Order at least 1- 2  days ahead. Please specify the time & day in a note on checkout or  text on WhatsApp: 077 53 5 5555. 

The traditional Jordanian Mansaf made with high quality meat and original Jameed Karaki. It is an all time favorite in family gatherings, topped with nuts and covered with Shrak bread.

Ordering Mansaf made easy! All you have to do is choosing the portion and the type of meat you like, and enjoy!

Meal size:

- 1 kg lamb; 4-5 servings. 
- 2 kg lamb; 7-8 servings. 
- 3 kg lamb; 9-11 servings. 
- 4 kg lamb; 12-14 servings. 
- 5 kg lamb; 14-17 servings. 

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