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Olive Oil - Extra Virgin & Cold-pressed 1 literOlive Oil - Extra Virgin & Cold-pressed 1 liter
Ouzi Surar (pre-order)Ouzi Surar (pre-order)
Ouzi Surar (pre-order)
From JD 18.000
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Malfouf (Pre-order)Malfouf (Pre-order)
Malfouf (Pre-order)
From JD 35.000
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Harrak Esbao'o (pre-order)Harrak Esbao'o (pre-order)
JD 12.000
Fatteh Makadem (pre-order)Fatteh Makadem (pre-order)
Organic Spinach
Organic Spinach
From JD 2.500
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Pomegranate Molasses 500ml
Yalnji with Zucchini & Eggplant (pre-order)
Zaatar 450gZaatar 450g
Zaatar 450g
JD 7.500
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Arabic Salad (pre-order)Arabic Salad (pre-order)
Tabbouleh (pre-order)
Cucumber-Yogurt Salad (pre-order)
Karshat (pre-order)Karshat (pre-order)
Karshat (pre-order)
From JD 15.000
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Fawaregh (pre-order)Fawaregh (pre-order)
Fawaregh (pre-order)
From JD 22.000
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Stuffed Lamb (pre-order)Stuffed Lamb (pre-order)
Stuffed Lamb (pre-order)
From JD 210.000
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