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Green olives with Herbs & Lemon Slices 500gGreen olives with Herbs & Lemon Slices 500g
Save JD 1.000
Black Olives with Herbs & Lemon Slices 500gBlack Olives with Herbs & Lemon Slices 500g
Shattah 270gShattah 270g
Magdoos 500gMagdoos 500g
Pickled Zaatar 240gPickled Zaatar 240g
Save JD 2.000
Makdoos 700gMakdoos 700g
Sofra Baladi Makdoos 700g
JD 10.000 JD 12.000
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Pickles 800g
Shattah 250g
Green Olives 500g
Red Pepper Paste 450g
Chili And Nuts 500gm
Sliced Mixed Olives with Corn 500g
Lemon Stuffed Green Olives 500g
Jumbo Black Olives 500g
Natural Kalamata Olives 500g
Black Picual Olives 500g
Spanish Sliced Black Olives 500g
Spanish Black Olives 500g
Jumbo Jarjeer Black Olives 500g
Local Green Olives with Thyme 500g
Turkish Grilled Green Olives 500g
Local Mixed Pickles 500g
Preserved Lemons 500g
Local Shatta 500g
Turkish Shatta 500g
Pickled Rosemary Peppers 500g

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